Automated slicing machine

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Abd Alwahed Hindi
Banan Mehdawi
Hanan Hamdan
Lujain Alfares
Maymouna daglas
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The main idea of the project is designing integrated systems for measuring weight, and thickness to produce slices as ordered from customer.Firstly, the desired weight and thickness specified by the costumer, and these values, entered by keypad, and the keypad sends these values to the control unit. After the Arduino received the values, it will turn on the machine and the product will pass through several processes. A screw will push the product toward the cutting knife which in turn, move and cut. . The machine will slice the product according to what it has received and put it on a plate. Then the slices will weighted by a balance. When it reaches the required weight the Arduino will send a signal to the machine to stop cutting. As a future work, A belt could transfer the pieces to the place of packaging. Then it will label the bag by the weight. It is possible to add improvements on this primary transfer line to develop it.By using this machine labor cost will reduced and the accuracy of the weight will increase. Also the errors will decreased, Time of process will decrease thats why the machine is important. Maybe this project was done before and already used in markets but not exactly the same. The new idea here is that the weight and thickness will be specified from the customer directly to the machine that automatically achieved the desired and then stop.