Solar Tracking System

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Rasheedah, Shareefah
Razan, Abu Samra
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Solar energy is very important means of expanding renewable energy resources. This project describes the design and construction of a microcontroller based solar tracking system. Solar is a nonconventional source of energy, considering this we will be developing solar tracker so that we can fulfill our need. The output power produced by high-concentration solar system is directly related to the amount of solar energy acquired by the system, and it is therefore necessary to track the sun's position with a high degree of accuracy. Many systems have been proposed to facilitate this task over the past 20 years. Accordingly, this project commences by providing a high-level overview of the sun tracking system field and then describes some of the more significant proposals. So, in this project, we are trying to solve important problems. Solar panels that is used are fixed in one-way direction, which produces and generates as a result a lower power . This project aims to design and build a prototype of The Solar Tracking System that would be the starting point to build a realistic one. Once the problems are solved, The Solar Tracking System will have a proper rotation motion. So, the solar power that can be generated here is much higher compared to the normal Solar panels. A lot of Solar tracking systems have been made before. However, we are using Solar panels to match the economic situation of Palestinian families and market availability. Finally, this project is covered for two degrees of freedom and it is designed for residential usage applications. From the hardware testing, the system will be able to track and follow the Sunlight intensity in order to get maximum solar power at the output regardless motor speed.