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Shorouq ishtaiah
Thara’a Abu hamed
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EduKids Primary school is one of the most important stages of education, as it is the basis for raising children in terms of learning and interacting appropriately with others. The teacher provides many tools and activities that motivate children to learn the language of reading, vocabulary, mathematics, science, arts, and social behaviors. so having an app that enables parents, especially employees, to monitor the educational status of their children at school makes parents more reassured. EduKids is an application for primary stage students for grade 1 which aims to facilitate communication between teachers and parents through the convenience of the teacher to send tasks and notes to the student’s parents, in order to ensure that the teacher transmits information correctly to the student, and to ensure the behavior of their children and follow-up in their school. The importance of this application is that it provides services to an important segment of the community, including teachers and parents of students . This app also provides a chat system, to facilitate the process of communication between teachers and parents. In addition Parents will receive live notifications on their mobile phones for all updates from School including events, holidays, attendance, learning, health and assignment updates. There is also a profile page for each child that enables parents to keep track of their child's level, grades, delivery of assignments, and provides them with e-learning. Its also provides a special website for officials and administration to manage school affairs easily. Therefore, the parents will remain in contact with teachers in the school. There are similar applications to it such as edunation