The Measurement of Labor Productivity Rate

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Mohammad Bilal Nazzal
Ramzi abd-alrahman Kmail
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Labor productivity is one of the principal factors in contemporary economics, and a generalized loss of productivity results in economic loss. Labor productivity is a measure of economic growth within a country; it measures the amount of goods and services produced by one hour of labor. This project aims for productivity measurement of labors productivity rates for Block 10 cm, Floor slab formwork, Floor reinforcement, Column formwork, Column  reinforcement andMasonry (stone) in Palestinian projects through sampling in different areas are labor productivity measurement by monitoring workers' hours at different times during the day, and the study of the factors that affect the productivity of workers in the Palestinian and find solutions to problems, and build database of the productivity of workers in the Palestinian because it is a source of concern for contractors and property owners. Productivity rates may vary considerably depending on project size, geographic location, even for the same item of work.The data will be collected by visiting many projects and construction sites in several Palestinian cities, all of data will be taken under normal distribution and there are two types of method to collect the data: A.     Questionnaire method This method will applied by making interviews with contractors ,engineers and foremen, by asking them many questions such that : 1- Crew size of every type of work. 2- The quantity of work per day for that crew size. 3- Number of working hours per day.   B.       Direct observation method. At this method the amount of work that performed till the beginning of the day will record, after that the work performed at the end of that day will record, the difference between these records is the work accomplished at that day. The division of the amount of accomplished work by the time that has been needed to finish that work is the productivity rate for the considered crew size.  The results of this study will be a data base for the productivity rate to be used by the contractors and the consultants. And the contractors will be recommended to improve the productivity rate of their labors by some techniques.
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