Socio-Economic Impacts of Using On-Grid PV Solar Systems in Public Buildings in west Bank, (Schools and Municipalities)

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Shuqqo, Salma 'Muhammed Ali' Yasser
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An-Najah National University
We have conducted a study on public buildings that have installed On-Grid PV system. Before installing the system, It’s consumption of electricity was 100% from the network provided by the electricity company, but after that, it relied on both the network and the electricity from the solar cells. In this thesis, I have conducted this study on 2 schools and 3 municipalities- they will be mentioned through the coming sections, and the economical, environmental and social impacts that resulted from the installation of on-grid PV system have been studied. The main goals of this study are as follows. Firstly to find the performance ratio of each selected building. Secondly, making economical analysis to know the feasibility of these projects through data collection and calculations. Thirdly, studying the environmental impacts of these projects on the environment and its resources. Finally, surveying the opinion of people working in these institutions about the on-grid PV system. Through this thesis, we were able to touch the real influence behind installing such systems environmentally, economically and socially. We were also able to spread the awareness of the importance of using on-grid PV systems. This research studies economical environmental and social impacts of using on-grid PV system in public buildings (2 schools and 3 municipalities), where we found that the performance ratio in these buildings ranges between 81.7% to 96%. Many economical tools were used to study the economic impact. We found out that the installation’s initial costs will be paid back (6-8) years. There were reductions in bills after the installation by range from (22-58)%. These projects also have positive influences on the environment from different perspectives. The most important one is decreasing the amount of CO2 emissions, which plays a great factor in saving the environment from climate change. Related to social impacts, installing on-grid PV system projects on selected buildings , increased people's awareness, not as suspected, towards the importance of renewable energy and its importance in achieving prosperity. We also measured how aware people are of the importance of such systems.