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Recently, attention to people with special needs has emerged. Studies and research that solve their problems have been active, and institutions and centers have emerged that provide services to this group of society. However, most of these institutions are located in the center and south of the country, while the northern region lacks such effective institutions. With the exception of small centers that serve people with special needs, although most recent studies and research show that the population density is concentrated in the North region, and therefore the largest number is in the North region. Accordingly, the idea of establishing the center in the North region primarily serves the physical disability> Accordingly, the center has been designated to provide professional, craftsmanship and social rehabilitation. The minimum age group for the targeted age group has been set at 13 years of age, which is the age at which children can be trained in professions according to the decisions of UNICEF and the International Labor Organization, and the upper limit for the age group has been determined at 24 years, which is the age group That each person must be specialized in a particular profession. The center is located in Deir Sharaf village, west of Nablus, on semi-flat land with a slope of 8%, surrounded by green lands to increase psychological comfort. The center consists of a vocational rehabilitation department, in addition to occupational therapy, water and dry physical therapy, and medical treatment, in addition to residential section, with an area of 15.5 acres. The concept of the project is to embody the person with special needs into an important central mass, around which the project masses that represent the services provided by the center to help and treat the person with special needs are gathered. The project also depends entirely on the functionality that was employed using curved lines and internal and external ramps, which helps the person to navigate the parts of the project by himself, increasing his self-confidence and improving the psychological state. Emphasis was placed on the psychological state by providing good natural indoor lighting and green outdoor areas.