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Mujahed Khateeb
Baker Abo Baker
Hothaifa Shurbaji
Mohammad Asi
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Mechatronics engineer's use technology to find solutions of problems concerning time and effort. Three dimensional printers are used many industrial sectors from small-scale to large companies. Three dimensional printers are very important in manufacturing applications from producing small parts to large and complicated molds. The increasing demands on the need of small biomedical parts which requires high technical and precession technology to rough food industrial applications. So it is important to find a solution of printing parts automatically in an efficient technology taking into account effective time, production cost and accuracy within the standard limits of accuracy for purpose of design and manufacturing. Three dimensional printer could be a suitable and important solution to find the above mentioned problems. In this report too many chapters will be discussed. The first one contain a general description about our project. The second one involves general introduction about three dimensional technologies and the chosen technology in our design. The third one discuss the selected technology and the chosen types of this technology. The fourth chapter summarizes both mechanical and electrical components of the printer. After that mechanical design of the structure and movement mechanisms will be discussed in chapter six. In addition Electrical design will be explained in chapter seventh. Chapter eight involves control design and software of the printer. Finally the last chapter conclude all report and contains a future work about the project. In this project , the 3D