Design of Tubas-Jenin Highway

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Doaa Fayez Noirat
Sanaa Fayez Sbaih
Wisam Maher Mlaitat
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  This project is part of an important national highway, Jenin-Al-Dahiryah Highway, which connects most of cities in Palestine. The part of the highway to be considered in the project is that connecting Jenin with Tubas, which is planned to be extending southward towards Nablus, and the middle and southern areas of the West Bank. This part will serve the traffic efficiently, provide connection with Arab American University, and will serve the fertile agricultural areas, and the quarries of Qabatia.  This highway will provide considerable mobility as traffic dont need to enter the towns and villages. The direct connection between the cities will save the time and cost, and will provide better traffic safety.    Objective In this project, the team will design a new highway that connects the two cities of Jenin and Tubas. The team will set three alternatives and choose the best alignment of the highway, then determining all the design criteria, and then specialized software will be used to design the highway.   Methodology Reconnaissance visit and data collection The team will visit the area of the road and conduct inventory studies. Also, the team will collect information from the maps, aerial photographs, reports and previous studies.     Performing traffic studies and analysis The team will conduct traffic studies to find the average daily traffic volume and design hourly volume. This will help to identify the design speed, the design vehicle and the vehicle classification.     Design controls and criteria The team will identify the design criteria that are design speed, design vehicle, traffic volume, highway functional classification, level of service, and topography of the area. Design control and criteria will be based on AASHTO standards.   Choice of location The team will use Civil3D to choose and draw three alternatives of alignment of the highway. Many variables will affect this location, including nature of the land use, the topography, water resources, and other roads.   Geometric design The team will conduct the geometric design using civil 3D program. It includes the design of horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, and cross section.   Traffic control devices The team will design traffic control devices including marking and signing.   Preparing bill of quantities The team will determine the quantities and the cost estimate to include the design reports.   Previous work There is a graduation project for the design of Nablus - Tubas Highway, prepared by Odai Salahat, Nidal Abu-Eisheh and Mohammad A.Asrawi in (2011).)
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