The Effect of the Brainstorming Teaching Method on UNRWA- FES ‎Students' Achievement and their Critical Thinking in the Geography ‎Course

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Odeh Abu Sneineh
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The study aimed to investigate the effect of the brainstorming ‎teaching method on Faculty of Educational Sciences (FES) students' ‎achievement and on improving their critical thinking in the geography ‎course. The population of the study consisted of (131) male and female ‎Class Teacher sophomore students, distributed among five classes. Two ‎classes were randomly selected to form two cluster groups; an ‎experimental group and a control group. The experimental group ‎consisted of (25) male and female students while the control group ‎consisted of (28) male and female students. An achievement multiple ‎choice test designed by the researcher mainly for the purpose of ‎conducting the study was administered. The said test consisted of (40) ‎items. The validity and reliability of the test was checked. Furthermore, ‎the researcher used the California Critical Thinking Test (version 2000) ‎which consisted of (34) items distributed among five skills. The ‎equivalence of the two groups was tested by applying the achievement ‎pre-test and the California Critical Thinking Test (CCTT). Results of the ‎achievement posttest, the California Critical Thinking Post Test and the ‎whole test for the analytical , inductive and evaluation skills revealed that ‎there were statistically significant differences at (α≤0.05) in favor of the ‎experimental group which were taught using the brainstorming teaching ‎method. However, the results revealed that there were statistically no ‎significant differences between the two groups with respect to the ‎deductive and reasoning skills.‎