Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 7

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
The Egyptian Government made an initiative to the Palestinian ‎Authority aiming at putting things in order after the proposed Israeli ‎pullout from the settlements in the Gaza Strip. While the Palestinian ‎Authority welcomed the Egyptian initiative, some Palestinian political ‎factions declared their reservations on some of its articles.‎ On the international arena, the International Court of Justice made its ‎final verdict concerning the Separation Wall in the West Bank. The ‎verdict calls on Israel to remove the Wall since it is not legal and to ‎compensate the Palestinian families for the damage that the Wall caused ‎to them. In this context, some officials at the US Administration warned ‎Palestinians against resorting to the United Nations for dealing with the ‎ICJ verdict.‎ On the Palestinian internal arena, the issue of local councils elections and ‎the mechanisms of conducting them continues to dominate a good part ‎of the on-going debates. The issue of giving women a quota in the local ‎councils boards is another vital issue. The debate on elections exceeds ‎the local councils elections to call for a presidential and legislative ones ‎as soon as possible.‎ On the other side of the Palestinian arena Israel still continues its ‎excursions inside Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps with the ‎same killing and destruction whether in the West Bank or in the Gaza ‎Strip.‎