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*Project name: Eco hotel. *Location: Jericho City. *The area of the plot of land: 80 acres. *Default users: All people. *The importance of the project: Achieving sustainable tourism development, which is based on the rational use of natural resources, reducing pollution rates, using local products, and reducing chemicals polluting the soil. *The reason for choosing the project: Because all the hotels in our country are not environmental, and increase the rates of pollution, in addition to the fact that the trend of tourists towards this type of hotels is constantly increasing, and although the application of this type of hotels may be financially costly, but it In the long run, it will provide its owners with huge amounts of money, in addition to its work on protecting the local environment, and thus there are economic, social and cultural benefits for this project. *The main idea of the project is to follow the traditional building pattern in the city of Jericho, where it was built with mud as a local building material that is easy to obtain in addition to its high heat insulation, and the application of strategies to address the desert climate in it, in proportion to the architecture there, where heavenly courtyards were used The half-barrel arches and domes, in addition to the air hooks to naturally condition the building, the water elements represented by the pools, streams and fountains, the pergola to shade the heavenly courtyards, and the palm trees for which the city of Jericho is famous. *The project section has several functional sections, meeting each other with a large heavenly courtyard containing the outdoor swimming pool, these functional sections are: the reception and halls section, the recreational activities and restaurants section, the regular bedrooms section, the royal bedrooms section, and each section contains a heavenly courtyard Special in it, to apply the principle of gradual privacy