An Iterative Method for Optimally Sizing Solar Inverter in Grid Connected System: A Case Study of Palestine

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Mohammad, Ali Ahmad Ali
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An-Najah National University
Optimizing the size of grid connected inverters in photovoltaic system in Palestine is presented in this thesis. The sizing ratio which is the ratio of the rated power of PV and the rated power of inverter is optimized using inverter model for three different loads and three locations . A MATLAB model is develop for a PV array and inverter to estimate the annual average inverter’s efficiency using hourly solar radiation and ambient temperature data. The simulation shows that the average optimum sizing ratio for the three loads is 1.5. A comparison between a conventional inverter (its capacity matches to PV array capacity) and a second system where the inverter is optimally installed considering the sizing ratio is considered and simulate the two system for one year time using MATLAB. it is observed that the total energy produced and the losses from first case are 24893kwh and 1550kwh respectively whereas in second case are 25135 kWh and 1309 kWh respectively for 50kWp PV system. In addition the annual yield factor for optimum sizing system is 502.7 kWh/kWp/year whereas the annual yield factor for conventionally sized inverter is 497.86 kWh/kWp/year.