Car Assistant

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Aqel, Dania
Dmaide, Hamza
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According to the world bank statistics, there are 1.42 billion cars in operation, as a result, the number of road accidents and vehicle breakdown cases increases, so there are an attend to use mobile application for car to make human life easier, for example, "Uber" app which aimed to find a ride, also we can take a look at many other applications that tried to do so such as "Jeeny", "ركاب" and careem, with no such noticed improvement, so after a brief search for a decent application which solves the issue that may happen with the car or to find cars piece we don't found any application to mention. As a result , developing a "Car Assistant", come to take the above issues in consideration. it's can use by company, users, and guests, it provides three main functions, first of them is to find the nearest company that sales car pieces by making search using car models this make a benefit for users especially in these day because we face many obstacles in moving between government so it’s give the location for the company, moreover you can use the application to find nearest maintenance services if you have any problem in your car it’s very benifts especially when making an accident, also if you have any question about the car you can make a post in our application and any user can answer you. And as the diversity of mobile operating systems mostly by iPhone and android, this project is designed with cross-platform OS compatibility. React-Native is used for implementation purposes and some other templates for the design.