The Heritage of Palestinian Folk Music -Its Characteristics, Components & Methods of conserving it

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Ahmad Mousa
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No one had paid attention to Palestinian folk music before the Arab Music Conference in 1932. Thanks to that Conference the importance of folk music was brought to the attention of many. Arab countries afterward launched different attempts to revive and adopt their musical heritage and worked to transmit it to future generations. Such endeavors help Arab countries to preserve their cultural identity and to charge their people with the spirit of independence. This study aims, firstly, at giving folk music a vital role in our present life, a role that would give music a national dimension, and would preserve its original features. Secondly, the study aims at acquainting readers with Palestinian folk music, its characteristics, its features and its classifications. Further, the study aims at familiarizing readers with the general features of the Palestinian folk song with some presentations of its musical patterns. The study concludes with some recommendations for preserving and maintaining our musical heritage and the ways to revive it.