Alpha House

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Nassar, Amin
Abd Alhaq, Hasan
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As technology evolves, it plays a major role in making people’s lives easier, whether via self-driving cars, smartphones, smart watches and of course, smart TVs, but the most important thing to be smart & effortless to deal with is the place a person spends most of the time in, his/her house!. Smart House, means a house in which everything can be monitored, controlled and secured through technology remotely, by the house owner, or by the house smart components themselves (components interaction). Internet Of Things (IoT) also is a well-connected field to smart houses where everything is monitored and controlled via the internet using software like mobile or web application or even by voice recognition systems that control everything by manipulating a group of state elements in a database hosted on a local machine or in the cloud. Alpha House is a project that acts as a proof-of-concept model for how smart houses should be implemented. This house has multiple subsystems that work collaboratively to provide the best possible experience for its user/owner. These subsystems are light system, air conditioning system, detection systems of gas, fire, rain, and motion with alarm for each one of them, a control system to manage doors, windows, garage, and a security system that can be activated/deactivated on demand. All these monitoring and control abilities are handled through a hardware kit that will be explained later with details and a software mobile application built with Flutter UI framework and connected to firebase real-time database instance.