Smart shopping process

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Na’neesh, Afiaa
Barahmeh, Ruba
Nemer, Hana’
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Smart Shopping Process Most of the people are facing problems of missing some items during shopping. Besides that, most of the house-wives are suffering every time they put the shopping list. Because of the above reasons and to save time, effort and money, the idea of smart shopping is become important. The idea of the project is to make the shopping process as smart as possible. All the process starting from preparing the shopping list till delivering the shopping items will be done automatically through a smart system without the need to go to supermarket even. The project includes building a smart device that is put inside the refrigerator to prepare the shopping list. A microcontroller that is connected with a load cell and barcode scanner will identify the amount and the type of each items in the refrigerator and prepare the shopping list. Then, this shopping list will be sent to a supermarket by using Wi-Fi segment. The supermarket will prepare the shopping items according to the sent shopping list and delivering them to the house. This smart shopping system can be used in pharmacies to make the process of ordering the medicine from the medicine companies smart and easy. Also it can be used in many other applications.