Effect of Applied Fields on The Magnetic Properties of Donor Impurity Confined in Parabolic GaAs Quantum Dot

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الدراوشة, امال جودت نايف
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An-Najah National University
Based on the effective mass approximation, the magnetic properties of parabolic GaAs quantum dot have been investigated in the presence of magnetic field, tilted electric field, in addition to Rashba Spin Orbit Interaction. The exact diagonalization method is used to solve the Hamiltonian of donor impurity confined in a Quantum Dot (QD) and to obtain the Eigen energies. The Binding energy of the donor impurity has been calculated as a function of various QD physical parameters. We have shown the dependence of the magnetic quantities like: magnetization (M) magnetic susceptibility (χ) and heat capacity (C𝜈) of the donor impurity in the QD on: both magnetic and external electric fields, confining frequency (ω_0), titled angle (θ), and temperature (T). Furthermore, the effects of Rashba Spin- Orbit Interaction term, as a key parameter in the field of Spintronics, on the magnetic properties has also been studied. The results reveal that the external electric field strength and its tilt angle, magnetic field, temperature, confining frequency, in addition to Rashba effect affect the magnetic properties of the QD, changing it from diamagnetic to paramagnetic material. Also, the heat capacity of the QD is affected by those parameters. Our results are in very good quantitively agreement with the corresponding ones reported in the literature.