Factors Influencing Employees on Compliance with Information Security Policies in Palestine

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Abu Jafar, Bara Mohammad
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جامعة النجاح الوطنية
Information security is very important and critical for organizations. Human error is the biggest threat to information security so organizations have to develop and improve employees’ performance to comply with information security policies. The aim of this thesis is to study the potential factors affecting employees' compliance on information security policy. Therefore, this study is an explanatory research in nature. The target population for the study was Palestinian employees in Palestine who work with computers. Therefore, 500 questionnaires were distributed, but only 372 questionnaires were valid for analysis, with response rate 74.4%. A sample of 372 questionnaires has been distributed to several service organizations including universities, telecommunications and internet service providers companies, insurance companies and banks. Using Structural Equation Modeling-Partial Least Squares Method, the results indicated that individuals’ factors of employees, organizational factors, and technological work and environmental factors have influence positively on information security compliance policies. Also, the results show that the older employees tend to comply with information security policies than younger employees throughout an organization. Moreover, gender factor has no significant effect on Information security compliance policies. These findings are useful for organizations policy makers who plan to improve employees’ compliance with information security polices, and researchers interested in information security polices compliance as well. Some recommendations were suggested to the organizations managers: increasing of organizational support for employees, conducting periodic training in information security, spreading the creativity and excellence amongst the employees, and providing a suitable and good environment for employees.