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Gharam Sarsour
Raghad Daraghmeh
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Many people treat their plants as they would treat their children, caring for them, talking to them and making sure they get all they need to grow healthy and strong, normally people don't leave their children unattended, so why should they leave their plants abandoned. we aim to create a device, this device will be some sort of a monitor to detect the plant needs, hence why it's called plant mind, it will provide the plant with water if needed, contact the plant owner if something is wrong with it, and give updates on how much the plant has grown in a certain period of time, it will be connected to a mobile application where user can choose between the watering methods, and can later receive notifications when something is detected. We will start by finding the correct tools and items to use, then we will most likely start by connecting the sensors with the Arduino and testing them to ensure they work, then we will be adding the water pump and connecting it correctly with sensors, after that we are going to start implementing the mobile application to control the device, finally we will add a camera to the device to keep track of the plant condition and growth. Other devices might have similar features, but our device has an advantage of connecting to a mobile application to make it easier for the user to check on the plant if they were traveling or away