Amany 3la Al tareeq

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Mohammad Diab
Alaa Dwikat
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Palestine suffers from a lack in using technologies in community development field, like Health, education, traffic, etc. So we were thought to build a software system that supports the Arabic language to provide facilities for traffic policemen who work on the roads and keep drivers in touch with them. Our idea is to build a mobile application running on Windows Phone 8 operating system linked to a server in order to solve the issue we mentioned above. Our application helps traffic policemen to create different types of violations for vehicles that dont abide with traffic rules while moving on the road, also it provides fast notifications for traffic policemen in regard to accidents, reports, etc. Using these features, the application helps in-field policemen to receive notifications and tasks from the Department of Traffic easily. In addition, it helps them to know the numbers and the types of traffic accidents around them (about 5 km) to do their roles and to help and support those affected persons. Moreover, they can make a report for an accident that is happening around them and send it to the proper authorities to provide the necessary support for those affected persons on time. On the other side, we have a website that acts as a server to organize and manage the data transmitted between the mobile applications and database. The website provide three types of user accounts: Administrator account (Traffic Manager), Traffic Policeman account and Driver account.Each type of these accounts has specific features. First of all, administrator account (represents the highest rank in system) has full permissions to add/delete drivers and policemen. Moreover, it can take a look for all the inputs and outputs of data that is related to users inside the system, also it can see all violations and details of all accidents that occurred in each day. Secondly, traffic policeman account has the permission to know the number of traffic violations and accidents was registered in each day, also can receivenotices and tasks from traffic department.Finally, driver account can know the number of violations occurred, and can pay the value of violations by electronic way. Also, he can know the number of accident was reported and sent during the day related to his/her account. The main objective of our project is to employ the technologies to help traffic policemen to organize their work to be better, reducing the danger of accidents that occur every single day by accidents reporting system and contribute to convert the violation system in Palestine to an electronic system which provides both speed and security.