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Isra Awwad
Faiza Batta
Rand Ismail
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Give me health and take my fortune. First, the choice of the project was due to the inestimable importance of human health, People suffer from the inability to visit the hospital all the time, waiting for long hours to get the results of their tests, which take hours, days, and perhaps weeks, and not finding a doctor suitable for their health condition. We will cover in our App all the mentioned problems , The application allows you to book an appointment at the medical center remotely for the patient, according to the chosen area, available dates, and all the necessary information will be attached to each analysis , Before, during and after it. Notification to the patient's phone of the need to attend the center if there are indications of danger. Saving time, effort and money for the patient, as going to the hospital to take a report only is a big obstacle, and as for the centers, it will reduce overcrowding, which will increase the effectiveness of work and the arrival of patients’ reports in a safe and fast way, and it will be a way to keep a medical record for them that is safe and permanent and cannot be lost. Agile methodology, first we will collect data from people and health centers beside hospitals, nurses…etc, according to the collected data we will start putting the highlights for our design, we will start coding and putting our mentioned features, we will test it. Yes, there are similar applications that are Egyptian in origin, but on the Palestinian level we did not find applications that achieve the goals of our application.