container Management System

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Khalil, Amjad
Zaidan, Karmel
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In this project we have designed a container management system which manages the containers at the harbor that comes across the sea on ships. The system classifies containers based on their color and puts them in the right cell depending on the color until a truck comes and loads them from the harbor`s store. The system automatically detects the arrival of new containers and puts the container in the correct cell based on its color unless overridden by the user. The arm which will act as the crane that carries the containers around; can move in 3 directions, the x-axis, the y-axis and the z-axis as we named them. In our system there are 3 colored areas one for each container color, red, green and blue. For the implementation we used Arduino Mega board as the controller of the system, the controller will handle the main components of the system which are, stepper motors, the gripper and the color sensor. The store operator can arrange the containers and move them to any cell he wants by using the keypad at any time after the system finished putting the container in the right cell.