Catch Me

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Aseel Abu-Hasan
Kholoud Hason
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CatchMe is a hardware project that contain two main modules, the leader and the follower, our choice was to use tanks robots to represent the whole idea, the first one is the leader tank and the second is the follower.The leader tank has two modes:1- Self-obstacle avoidance:This means that the tank can avoid any obstacles in its way by reading the ultra-sonic distance that were deployed on a servo motor which control the ultra-sonic rotation that will lead to cover a wide range in front of the tank.2- Control direction via Bluetooth:When connecting Bluetooth, this mode allow us to control four directions forward, backward, left and right.So we detect obstacles by using ultrasonic distance sensor that is Sitting at the front of the leader tank .also the leader has IR LED circuit that emit Radio wave ,that detected by the follower tank , so leader send initial message by X-Bee sender to the X-Bee follower tank which start running IR camera that detect the ray that emitted from the source (IR LED ) , now this camera will observe the motion of the leader and take its position as (X,Y) coordination then send this to the dual DC motor in the follower by the code all these thing controlled by the UNO Arduino microcontroller .