enhance the performance of 3G network by using MIMO and higher modulation order technique

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Dweikat, Haia
Isleem, Rawan
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Over the past decade, wireless communications has seen an exponential growth and will certainly continue to witness spectacular developments due to the emergence of new interactive multimedia applications and highly integrated systems driven by the rapid growth in information services and microelectronic devices. So far, 2G mobile networks are mainly targeted to voice communications with low transmission rates. In the3G mobile networks, however, broadband data access at high transmission rates will be needed to provide users packet-based connectivity to the services. It is also almost certain that the next generation wireless systems will consist of complementary systems with a set of different standards and technologies along with different requirements and capabilities that will offer users wireless connectivity between mobile and desktop computers, machines, game systems, cellular phones, consumer electronic products, and other hand-held devices. A key requirement in future wireless system is their ability to provide broadband connectivity with high Quality of Service (QoS) , and high network capacity, and throughput at a low cost. To support the above services, a host of new issues and problems have to be addressed. These issues that we will discuss in how to improve the 3G communication networks in order to meet the human being requirement for higher data rates, better quality services. In this project we will studying the effect of using 64QAM modulation and MIMO technique to effectively increase the throughput of 3G networks.