Planning the western suburbs of the city of Nablus

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Hamdan, Salah
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Cities are the main urban environment in which people live and exercise their various activities. However, the population pressure and the increase in population density in the cities has led to the expansion of cities either spontaneously or through government plans aimed at making the expansion areas new growth centers. From the overcrowding and the deterioration of facilities and the limited space available for urban expansions. The process of developing clear classification criteria that takes into account the specificity of these centers will contribute to the development of the correct mechanisms to achieve the desired objectives of its establishment in both quantity and quality and on all levels and sectors, Li role Kabaar and its importance in cities and their adherence to the planning and the social role of urban and inevitable mutual influence between them and the city. At the local level in Palestine, a clear mechanism and criteria for the classification of residential neighborhoods have not yet been put in place. Therefore, the process of developing plans to solve the problems of local communities does not take into account the specificity of the suburbs. In many cases, the suburbs have started to suffer problems from the city. Most of the suburbs that are currently established meet the needs of the population in terms of quantity but do not meet them in terms of type. In many suburbs, the level of services required according to the urban planning criteria In accordance with the aspirations of the residents. It is therefore necessary to work on the establishment of integrated urban projects that meet the needs of the local population and the introduction of the principle of self-sustaining new suburbs "and revitalize them and make a number of urban centers important regional centers with an economic and service-based basis The establishment of such suburbs will contribute to solving the problems of existing cities Which suffers from overcrowding, deterioration of facilities and limited space available for urban expansion. As for the project site, the city of Nablus was selected for several reasons, the most important of which were the lack of urban areas for urban expansion and the deterioration of facilities in the city, in addition to the high pressure on services and congested streets in addition to the great urban communication between the city and the surrounding suburbs, The establishment of such a project in the city will contribute to the creation of a more organized urban environment and urban attractiveness that absorbs part of the population increase in major cities and contributes to the protection of land and the environment.