The effect of family involvement on patient care during hospitalization period in Nablus Hospitals A Quantitative Study

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Donya Anbar
Asma Hijji
Rawan Abed
Khaleel Al-Khdour
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Introduction Family members are critical partners in care for patients both in hospital and at home. This study conducted in Nablus Hospitals , Rafidia , Al-Watani, Arab Specialist, Al-Itihad, An-Najah , AlEnjeeli , and Nablus Specialist , in medical and surgical department and it will assess the effect of family involvement on patient care during hospitalization period . Aim of the study The study conducted to assess the benefits of family involvement on patient care, to identify the effect of family involvement on patient care regarding to psychological field , health care field , hospital facilities field . Methodology A quantitative – descriptive study used to collect data , About 148 patients recruited in our study.The sample selected in a simple random method , then the selected patients will receive a questionnaire . Each questionnaire has four sections: Demographic Data , Health Care Field , Psychological Field , Facilities Field . The data analyzed by using "Statistical Package for the Social Sciences ( SPSS version 20 ) ". Result Family involvement has a big effect on pt during his existence in hospital regardless the age, gender, education level ,number of family members who live with, and salary. This effect considered to be a positive effect according to patient themselves , 68% of them agree strongly that family involvement has effect on psychological side , 46% agree with it's positive effect on health care delivered to them , and 66% agree to facilitate this involvement in their care , we found that patient favorite to be with family in hospital with their involvement in care , 84% agree on determine specific time for visits. Conclusion Family like a system , when one part is damaged , all the system will be affected. So we realize that family has significant role in patient care during hospitalization period. Especially , because patient need to feel that he matter to others, and that there is someone who is beside him. Consequently, the medical and nursing staff needs to maintain continuous contact with patient family, and provide them with information about condition of their patient, and the progress in his condition. This can make them capable of providing effective psychological support and high quality of care to their patient.
The effect , Family involvement , Patient care , Hospitalization period