Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 12

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One hundred days have elapsed since Mahmoud Abbas was elected ‎President of the Palestinian ‎Authority. A period during which he was ‎able to reach an agreement with the Palestinian factions ‎to declare a truce ‎with the Israelis, and to introduce some changes in the structure of the ‎‎Palestinian security apparatuses; he issued an order to unify all security ‎apparatuses reducing their ‎number to three main bodies. Further, Abbas ‎reopened several internal files in an attempt to ‎apply the rule of law and ‎to activate the judicious system.‎ ‎ On the other side of the Palestinian scene, the second stage of local ‎councils elections which was ‎conducted in 84 sites in the West Bank and ‎the Gaza Strip was completed on May 5th, 2005. The ‎elections resulted ‎in the winning of the candidates of Hamas and Fateh in most locations; ‎Hamas ‎scored advancement in the Gaza Strip. As a result of these ‎elections some officials in Fateh ‎resigned due to their failure to achieve a ‎victory for their movement in their elections sites.‎ Within this context of elections talks, the Legislative Council elections ‎law is still not approved ‎because of some disagreement among the ‎members of the Legislative Council on the form of this ‎law. While the ‎Cairo dialogue among the representatives of Palestinian political factions ‎resulted in ‎passing a law on the basis of half for percentage ‎representation and half for the circles; the ‎majority of Legislative Council ‎members insist on the principle of one third for percentage ‎‎representation and two thirds for circles. There is a talk about a ‎suggestion advocating a law based ‎on percentage representation. It is ‎worth mentioning here that the declared date of the ‎Legislative Council ‎elections is mid July.‎