Full Hospital System (CareZone)

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SuzanSamer Ba’arah
Rahaf Suliman Jumaa
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Due to the large number of hospital requirements, and the inability of most patients to reach the hospital in every case, such as booking appointments, accessing medical reports, etc., we have thought of developing this application that helps these patients to do their medical matters in the easiest and fastest way possible. In the beginning, the patient can access the application by creating his own account and then logging in to the application. Our application includes a mechanism for booking appointments for patients by specifying the specialty and the name of the required doctor, then booking the nearest available appointment. After that, the patient can order a set of examinations that help him and the doctor understand the current health condition and then identify potential risks. As for the medical file service, the medical file includes a list of its appointments. He can get his exam results by sending a PDF file, he can find out the list of bills for different medical services and send them in the form of a PDF file, and many other things related to the medical file. In emergencies, we have various services such as the rapid response team service, which in turn includes sending a highly trained medical team capable of providing the best health care from home, in addition to the ambulance transport service by locating the patient and thus sending an ambulance. To donate blood, the patient is registered as a donor and contacted when needed. Our application is also distinguished by displaying a group of hospital-specific medicines in a store affiliated with the application, such as an electronic pharmacy that is not available in other pharmacies, and payment is made through an electronic payment mechanism for all hospital affairs. It is possible to communicate with the hospital in general by filling out the contact form, and the message will reach the hospital's e-mail. We also have the ability to communicate with the doctor through direct chatting with him .. Through this feature, the doctor can create private groups for patients and communicate with them, as well as we have a list of tasks that the patient can record his tasks. With, and when you're done, it ranks them in the list of things completed, and finally the app has a dark mode feature