Flood control system

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Manar Saleh
Marah Qubbaj
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Not all people aware about the danger of increasing the percentage of rain water in the ground, also the problem of wasting water and not using it in other field of life. So many people are exposed to losing their lives because of this water and not draining it in the right way. The project aims to create a system that detect the level of water in the ground to deal with this problem automatically to save people's life. Moreover, to collect and store the rain water rather than to be wasted. The system contains a lot of tools such as soil moisture sensor, water quantity sensor, traffic light (LEDs), water drain pipes, automatic doors and water pump. Soil moisture sensor to measure the volumetric water content in soil, when water increased, all traffic lights will turn red and automatic doors are closed. After that the water drain pipes are open to drain water into tanks inside ground. During the conduct of all this process, a message will be sent to the Civil Defense to come to the designated area, and a state of emergency. In the other hand, if the water quality is good the system will pump it to other tanks to be used in agriculture field. And if the water was polluted then the system will pump it to other tanks to be disposed. There are similar projects. What distinguishes our project is to preserve pure water and use it to irrigate crops in desert areas that need water by storing it in underground pipes in different unused wastewater pipes, and pumping it to areas to be determined by officials later.