Eco-Friendly Environmental Park

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Manal Dibie
Dalia Shakaa
Diala Smadi
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Environmental parks is needed by Palestinian people for entertainment activities that sustainability integrates the environmental resources into human activities here in Nablus, we have few parks and no environmental parks, so we decided to develop Nablus Alfadila Park to an environmental park. The park will be at Nablus Alfadila, South uphill of Nablus city . The park has an area of (10700 m2) The park will be divided into 6 parts 1-        Park area 2-       Parking area 3-       Chalets area 4-       Swimming pool area 5-       Sport area 6-       Restaurant area The objectives of the design process is to  make  an environmental park by using good technology and creative ideas to achieve this target with reducing the losses of energy and wastewater Finally , the plan is to achieve the least possible cost considering a high performance and conserving the environment.