FogNetwork Orchestration for Heterogeneous Networks

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Jawabreh, Raghad
Darawshe, Narmeen
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The internet of things (IoT) is a system that interconnects different physical objects to enable them to interact, communicate with each other and be part of the Internet. Many applications makes huge benefit of IoT; such as, Smart cities, transportation, smart metering and home. IoT relies on the cloud for all the needed computation, another IoT paradigm of the IoT relies on edges for the its operation; is called Fog Computing. Fog computing is a distributed paradigm and also a complement of cloud computing, fog computing performs cloud computing services such as data storage, management function and control on the edges which allow to reduce latency and solve the bandwidth limitation problem in the Cloud. Related to Fog Computing, a procedure that determines how the virtualized resources are allocated is called orchestration, it aims to minimize the latency of fog-based services. This paper proposes a new mechanism for fog orchestration of heterogeneous IoT networks in a way that meets the requirements of the clients of the IoT services. Where the client requests a specific computational network, according to which the proposed orchestration will choose a path based on node’s available resources and on networks conditions.