Nurses knowledge about administration of chemotherapy through Najah National -Anvenous access and management of extravasition at University Hospital

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Basem Sawalmeh
Sima'a Mardawi
Bara Hamdan
Mahmoud Alamleh
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Chemotherapeutic agents are given by different routes, from these routes intravenously, these drugs cause few side-effects at the site of injection of which Extravasation. An-Najah National University is a teaching hospital that has established protocols and guidelines for management and prevention of extravasation. However, there is a chance that some errors will occur by the nurses while giving chemotherapy. Aim The aim of this study is to investigate nurse's knowledge about administration of chemotherapy through venous access and management of extravasations at An-Najah Hospital. Methodology Quantitative descriptive cross-sectional study with a convenient sample of at least 90% of nurses working at An-Najah National University Hospital who are caring for patients receiving chemotherapy at outpatient clinic, pediatric, bone morrow transplantation, Itihad (An-Najah National University Hospital), and Medical Department in three shifts for five days every Tuesday and Friday. A self-developed questionnaire will be used including socio-demographic data, nurse's knowledge about administration of chemotherapy and extravasations management. Results and Conclusion Results show that female nurses have knowledge about procedures of administration of chemotherapy more than male nurses, and high diploma nurses are more knowledgeable than BA nurses and diploma nurses. According to experience, Nurses who have more than 6 years‘ experience is more knowledgeable than those who have 1-6 years. According to the department, it‘s found that nurses who work at Chemotherapy Department is more knowledgeable than who works at medical ward and other departments. The results show that nurses of An-Najah National University Hospital have adequate knowledge about management of extravasation, and the percentage of their true answers is about 71.5%. Based on the results of the study, it is recommended to improve the nurse‘s knowledge about catheter care among nurses working in this field.
Cancer, Extravasations, Chemotherapy, Vascular access, Oncology, An-Najah National University Hospital.