Palestinian Public Opinion Polls No. 22

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An-Najah National University/ Opinion Polls and Survey Studies Unit
Three Palestinian factions carried out a military operation against the ‎Israeli soldiers in Karm Abu ‎Salem near the Gaza Strip which resulted in ‎taking an Israeli soldier as a prisoner of war and in ‎killing another ‎number of them. Following the operation Israel launched its military ‎attacks on the ‎Gaza Strip under the pretext of freeing the soldier. Several ‎Arab and international parties tried to ‎mediate in favor of freeing the ‎Israeli soldier with no avail. The Palestinian factions holding the ‎Israeli ‎soldier avowed that they will not release their prisoner unless Israel ‎agrees on a swap that ‎would free, in return, Palestinian children, women ‎and prisoners who spent a long term in the ‎Israeli jails. Israel refused to ‎negotiate and continued its aggression on the Gaza Strip and arrested ‎a ‎number of Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) members and ministers.‎ On the other side of the scene, Hezbullah announced taking two Israeli ‎prisoners of war and ‎demanded a swap with Lebanese, Arab, and ‎Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails; Israel rejected ‎Hezbullah's initiative ‎and waged war against Lebanon.‎ Under the above circumstances several Arab and international reactions ‎were issued; some ‎condemned Israel and others held Hezbullah ‎responsible for the escalation that led to the present ‎crisis. What is really ‎noteworthy is what the secretary of the Arab League has said following ‎the ‎meeting of the Arab foreign ministers; the secretary announced the ‎Middle East peace process ‎dead and said that it has been decided that the ‎case be referred to the United Nations.‎