Microwave Steam Distillation & essential oils application

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Koni, Dua'a
Abdelhaq, Israa
Yasin, Rana
Abu Hijleh, Yasmeen
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The main objectives of this project are to develop simple domestic Microwave unit to be applied to extract essential oils (E.O) from different plants. The Microwave Steam Distillation (MSD) unit has a benefit on saving time and energy; also, it produces high quality of essential oil. The developed microwave steam distillation (MSD) unit is applied to extract different essential oils such as, lemon grass and Rose mary oils. Experiments were carried out using fresh green plants (without previous drying) in this unit. The green herbs were chipped and trimmed to small pieces, and then they are placed into round flask. The quantities of treated samples were of 20-200gramm. The amounts of extracted essential oils were of 0.1-1.5ml. The extraction time was 6 minutes. The oil amounts were similar to that extracted by traditional steam distillation. The extracted essential oils have different industrial applications such as preservative material and have shown anti-bacterial effects. The Rosemary essential oils are used recently as green corrosion inhibitor on cast iron & steel. Different types of Rosemary solution extracts were tested with 0.1 M HCL and 1 M HCL solutions. 4X5 cm plates of cast iron and stainless steel are immersed into different acidic solutions. Some inhibition effects were experienced. More time is needed for final consistent conclusions.