Integrated Design Of Mall

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Waseem Al qaseem
Omar Qubaa
Ashraf Ziad
Rezq Shehada
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In this project, a specific criteria has to be followed to form an integrated design for a mall which includes architectural, structural, electrical, environmental, and mechanical. The architectural design considers the shape of the building, right movement and the appropriate connection between the different functions. As for the environmental aspect, the design will include the orientation of the building and type of insulation to be used. DesignBuilder computer software will be used to achieve various environmental requirements. The mechanical design involves designing suitable HVAC system, water, septic tank and sanitary systems. In the structural design, the structure will be represented in a (3D) model which takes into accounts dynamic analysis and seismic design by the use of Etabs program. Finally, electrical design of the structure will be performed to satisfy lighting and power system requirements.  At the end of this project, a report that includes all design details, a table of quantities and shop drawings will be submitted. 
  .   . .   ( DesignBuilder   ) . .  3D ETABS .