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حلا الصدر
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Although large enclosed shopping malls represent significant institutions, consumers' activities within malls have been surprisingly decreased, the search and exploration rate has gone, so my main idea comes for establishing an outside mall "shopping village" not as a main one block but with many certain blocks integrated with valuable green open spaces that could provide active and passive recreational opportunities, it can also realize the community functions such as increasing the social interaction and strengthen the social bonds to a certain degree also raising people's interests in using urban space for social interaction In the new more careful service marketplace, shoppers’ preferences are increasingly oriented toward health, safety, sustainability and collaboration. To improve their resilience and attractiveness, malls need to adjust their layout, retail mix, activities and connectivity according to these trends and to the characteristics of each mall experience. So there you have it modern consumers are not going out of their comfort homes just to buy something. From clothes and shoes to makeup and accessories - they can have just about anything on their doorstep. When they make an effort to go out, they probably want to spend quality time with their friends and family. It is no surprise that they are always looking for exclusive and memorable experiences. Outdoor shopping malls perfectly fit into this picture. This is because it can turn chores like grocery shopping into a fun family outing. While the parents get the basics done, the kids can enjoy playing in the outdoor garden. Likewise, these establishments are a great place to hang out with friends and have some fast food or coffee. It is also worth noting that outdoor malls often stand out from the crowd of mall-like ones. This, in turn, generates buzz and helps attract more foot traffic