The effect of adding water to pyrolysis carbon black (PCB) concrete

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Samed Hashish
Ahmed Dawod
Mohammad Jaber
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Abstract Previous researches study the effect of adding pyrolysis carbon black PCB as a filler in concrete. These studies investigate the optimum amount and particle size of PCB varies from 0% to 10% to improve the concrete performance. to investigate the optimum percentage of PCB to improve the mechanical properties of the concrete. The experiment results indicate that using 4% PCB/c ratio will improve the concrete performance. The main objective of this project is to investigate the mechanical properties of concrete mixture using different percentage weight of water varies from 0.54 to 0.63 water/cement (W/C) ratio at constant pyrolysis carbon black (PCB)/c ratio of 4%. The process will be carried out experimentally using Slump, compression strength and adsorption tests to investigate the optimum W/C ratio that will be added to concrete mixture to improve its performance. Eight specimens for each w/c will be prepared at An-Najah National University lab, For each percentage ratio, three specimens will be tested after 7 days while the other specimens will be tested after 28 days to investigate the compression strength of the concrete after 7 and 28 days. In addition, the other two specimens are used for friction and absorption tests.