Association of Hearing Loss with Dementia

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شهد سامر عصمت ابو راضي
روز فوزي جمال احمد
رشا "أحمد عماد"يعقوب يعقوب
اماني عادل يوسف شريح
أسيل عبد الله عبد العزيز نجار
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Purpose: This review recapitulates a group of studies related to methods for determining the relation between hearing loss and dementia and emphasizing the importance of using a hearing aid in order to decrease the cognitive deterioration in hearing loss individuals. Design: A systematic review. Methods: a systematic review of the literature was carried on 5 electronic databases for example pubmed, google scholar, ASHA, 2 website also using keywords such as dementia, hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss, Presbycusis, age-related hearing loss, aging, cochlear implantation, cognitive function, older adults, quality of life, Hearing aids, hearing audiology test, hearing protection hearing loss, mild cognitive impairment, treatment approach management Alzheimer’s disease, brain function, dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies, front temporal dementia, and vascular dementia. Results: Three-dimensional connections between hearing loss and dementia are studied in this review hearing loss may lead to dementia through excessive cognitive effort, deteriorated brain areas and functions, and hard social isolation in older people, not treated hearing loss is the Collective prevention solution for the three dimensions. Conclusion: dementia is a common disease, mostly affects adults who have reached the age of 60 or greater, in this age that presents the risk of developing age-related hearing loss which is improved to be one of the basic risk factors for dementia also it is suggested that the risk of hearing loss can be reduced or prevented by recurrent and regular hearing assessment especially after the age of 60 and managing hearing loss using hearing aids or other assistive listening devices.