Evaluation and Traffic Management Study for Rafidia Street

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Isam Shaker Bitar
Mohammad Hassan Abu Qaoud
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The principal objective of road management is to minimise potential conflicts in traffic flow, including pedestrians, while keeping traffic flow as smooth as possible by minimising traffic delays by considering the transformation of Rafidia Street into a one-way road, as advised by the Municipality of Nablus, as an option to be studied amongst others.  This study aims to analyse the traffic volume along Rafidia Street during peak and off-peak hours, study the road's capacity and efficiency in handling current traffic and attempt to propose feasible short and long-term solutions to Rafidia's traffic problem by studying the feasibility of the central idea of transforming the Rafidia Corridor into a one-way road as well as alternative solutions.  These objectives may be realised through several processes starting with data collection, analysis, categorisation and evaluation, and then finishing with proposed recommendations of possible improvements to maximise road efficiency while maintaining road safety. Suitable computer software will be used to analyse existing data and simulate proposed solutions.