Smart Table

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Ilaiwi, Ahmad
Abuzant, Wadee
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Smart Table is a handful, beautiful, entertaining and smart table that offers the user a set of utilities that make this table more than a simple piece of wood. Smart table aims to entertain its users, present the different types of information in a new and an easy way as well as adding new types of interactions and making our world more interactive. Smart table contains a screen created using a matrix of pixel LEDs which will display different interesting things. It also contains proximity sensors and speakers. Smart Table plays music when the user, it also displays different types of useful information. Smart table is intended to notify user with their SMS messages, phone calls and any other notifications. The development process will start by creating the wooden part of the table, setting up the LED screen, developing the logic to interact with and control the screen using a microcontroller, if the remaining time is sufficient, we will start implementing additional features such as touch intractability, more control on speakers and more communication between mobile and pc. Smart Table is infinitely extensible, where many special features can be added to make this project much more useful and more fun.