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Jabr, Majd
Batyeh, Dalia
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Services in Palestine is not as better as it should be, electric meters and the way to deal with is one of the examples. There are two ways to measure electricity consumption, old and modern way. The old way is the postpaid way, which requires the electricity man to visit each house in order to read the clock, the other is the modern way, which is prepaid way by using a card that charge with money and fill it in the clock. Although the modern way is good as the electricity man doesn’t have to visit each home. Moreover, it is better for Electricity Company. But for people, especially who live in high building, they don’t know when the card is empty and needs to be recharged as they can`t hear the notifying buzzer unless if the electricity is turned off. So designing a full electric meter which consists of a circuit of voltage and current transformer and amplifiers that are connected with Arduino that takes a samples of voltage and current to calculate the power and energy, LCD to display on it the voltage, current, power, energy consumption and the money remained in the card, was the solution. As well, it implements the modern way with extra features like connecting it with a Bluetooth, and by using a programmed android mobile application, user can connect it to the electro meter’s Bluetooth and could get information on his electro meter, like the energy consumption, the remained money and also a graph that displays the energy consumption within the months. Moreover, user could charge his electro meter by paying to any of the service providers, who have validity to charge, and a message, will be sent to his mobile, application will notify him to send the value to the electro meter through it. In addition, it allows the user to see the records of his charging and the dates.