Demand-Side Management System for Autonomous DC Microgrid for building

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Abu Lebdeh, Abdallateef
Dweikat, Majdi
Hattab, Rasheed
Hattab, Jalal
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This report proposes a simulation for demand-side management (DSM) scheme for the autonomous DC microgrid for the future building. The DC distribution system is considered as a prospective system due to the increase of DC loads and DC power sources such as photovoltaic (PV), and battery bank (BB), The BB responds to the changes in a power imbalance between PV generation and demand within an autonomous DC microgrid. The power loss during charging/ discharging of the battery is the great challenge for the autonomous DC microgrid supplied by PV, it decreases the system efficiency. The control objective of the proposed DSM scheme is to use the PV energy more efficiently. The proposed control algorithm decreases the time period of batteries ON time, in this way it decreases the charging/discharging cycles of the batteries, this is reducing the power losses in the battery and improves system efficiency. The proposed scheme reduces the storage and capital cost of the system.