Sleep Disturbance among Hospitalized Patients in Rafedia Governmental Hospital

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Taqi wredat
Ahmad Salahat
Mohammad Jebrel
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The study aimed at finding out the prevalence of sleep disturbance among hospitalized patients in Rafedia Governmental Hospital during hospitalization period and to determine the major factors affecting patients sleep during this period. Changes in Sleep pattern considered a common problem among patients in the hospital (Buxton et al. 2012; Celik et al. 2005;Dogan et al.2005 ). This deficiency in sleep has lots of consequences ; multiple physical and psychological complications and behavioral changes for the healthy patient. Several factor interfere and lead to sleep disturbances as noise ,pain, , worry, lights and patient care activities . The study design was quantitative, descriptive and cross-sectional design. Study took places in Rafidia Governmental Hospital _ Nablus /Palestine and from these ward: Orthopedic , Men's surgical ward , and Women's ward and Urology ward. Sample size was determined to be 100 and systematic random method was used. Sleep quality of 100 inpatients from the mentioned wards were assessed using the Persian version of Pittsburgh Sleep Questionnaire (PSQI). Major factors that might affect sleep quality during the hospitalization period were assessed by self-designed ten questions about environmental factors and factors related to patient physical status. The mean of the total scores in PSQI was 1.71±0.51(global PSQI > 5) and 65.0% of the participants were 'poor sleepers' and they were had moderate sleep disturbance. The study was found that sleep quality was not associated with age& gender in responding to PSQI .The study showed patients’ responses on the major factors that negatively affecting their sleep quality and the highest mean was given to the item " General noise “ which scored (0.63). General noise and noise from Visitors and patients who enter and leave the room significantly associated with sleep disturbance, the mean of the general noise was (0.79) and the mean of the noise from Visitors and patients who enter and leave the room was (0.77). The study showed that the mean of the pain score for participant was (6.10 ± 2.69) which indicate that most participant were complaining of pain. Sleep disturbance are quite frequent problem among hospitalized patients . Pain management and modification of the ward interior and atmosphere can impact inpatients sleep quality .