Traffic Management of Hai Al-Montazah

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Yasin A. Abu Alrob
Wadee N. Harash
Jawad T. Horani
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Nablus is the major city in the north part of Palestine. It is the center of all activities that may exist in that region. It is expected that more future growth would occur; commercial, industrial, and residential projects are expected to take place in Nablus and the study area of Hai Al-Montazah. This part of the city has many problems. These problems have different categories such as; limited capacity, congestion by the traffic produced, attracted by, or passing through Hai Al-Montazah, pedestrians, parking, public transportation, circulation, or traffic movements and others.For these reasons, this project aimed to study and analyze the existing condition of the area and provide efficient solutions to solve these problems such as prohibiting parking along some streets, redesigning signal timing, providing a new traffic signal, converting some streets to one-way direction and proposing a bridge connecting between Shwaitreh Street and Hamdi Kanaan Street.After implementing these solutions, the performance of the intersections are improved and overcome the main traffic problems in the area.