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Abu-Salem, Emad
Draghmeh, Mu’ath
Hammouz, Murtada
Ya’eesh, Nasrat
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Nablus city has high population density compared to the other cities in the west bank. One of the problems resulted in the city is the lack of parking spaces, causing traffic jam in the streets, the municipality put a lot of rules to manage this problem specially in the new building. Private parking can control this kind of problems. In some old regions in Nablus, it is necessary to control the high numbers of cars by establishing special buildings has a parking area that is why the project is chosen as integrated design of commercial building consists of parking area and profitable projects located in one of the most important region in Nablus. The location of this project is between Nablus Takhasosy hospital and the old campus of An-Najah National University, which considered two of the most important facilities in the city, the aim of the project is to offer an integrated design for a commercial building. The integrated design involves environmental, architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical and HVAC system design issues to achieve the objectives of the project. The design will be done depending on the highest quality related specifications and standard obtained during the first report. Related software programs will be used in the design phase such ETABS 2015 for structural design, Design Builder for thermal design, Dialux for lighting design, Insul and Ecotect for acoustical design