Modern Smart School

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Nada Diab Abu Shanab
Isra’ Imad Awwad
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Due to the development of technology in the recent period of life in general, reliance on electronic devices and systems has become an essential thing, and the idea of adopting it in most aspects of life has become a basic and important requirement. However, our schools lack a lot of the necessary development to complete the educational process properly. Therefore, our idea was centered around schools in particular and technology in general. This school will be supportive of the idea of attendance and absence for students and teachers by fingerprint, and the classrooms will be supported by temperature sensors to control the temperature of air conditioning, other sensors for classrooms and corridors for fires, as well as an alarm for classes in an electronic way. And controlling the lighting of the corridors and classes, also due to the importance of the presence of secrecy somewhat with regard to the teachers’ rooms, we will provide special cards for each teacher bearing a specific number used to open the door of the teachers’ room through it or by the number, and other things, and this idea is not new in its presentation, but some additions make it more suitable with The present, and also there must be an application of it in other countries, but our schools there is a simple application for that, not completely.