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Shurouq Abu salhiah
Alaa mayalah
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AbstractThe idea of this project starts from our desire to help deaf-mute people and give them a voice and for many reason:        To solve deaf-mute people problem by give a voice to the voiceless.       To help deaf families, companies and community to communicate with them by a simple way regardless that they       know sign languages or not.     The talking gloves could be used by non-deaf people as a computer keyboard or mouse in the near future.      It will Support the educational process of Autism Childs.      It is also used by interpreters spelling gloves which translate sign into speech, side by side    they do the same job but    the gloves in wide way.   We would like to establish a hard ware to solve 70 million person problems all over the        world, especially in      Palestine that Statistically in 2011 says that in Palestine the      number of disability deaf-mute reached the 113000 person, 40000 from them in Gaza.We start to make our project and t bring the gloves and the building the android application to send data to the phone and translate it to the voice We find many problems that we didnt find the sensor for  the signs but we replace it by altrantive sensr and make the project   
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