Healthy life style

dc.contributor.advisorHanal Abuzant
dc.contributor.authorAbdullah Melhem
dc.contributor.authorSamer Sweileh
dc.description.abstractThe need for healthy life is important thing for any human, to live a healthy life free from diseases and problems, we must know how to choose the right food and how to organize our meals, and see if this food is appropriate with the nature of our bodies. The natures of the human bodies are different from one to another, there are people suffering from obesity and there are another suffers from excessive thinness and there are also suffering from diseases such as diabetes. These differences in the physical nature of the bodies in which food are plays an important role, it is this sense our search for the role of food and the contents of its calories in the organization of the lives for these people. Knowing the number of calories in the food we eat is very essential to know that we are on track to make healthy food program that fits with the nature of our lives, so we will develop a software application that monitors the food and meals we eat during the day and calculate the amount of calories it contains. Also it will give us tips and instructions that we have requested for your life style  en
dc.titleHealthy life styleen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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