Rainfall-Runoff Analysis of Wadi Kharrouba (Jenin Governorate)

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Khaled Jabarin
Tariq Abualrob
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In Palestine, hydrologic studies regarding water are slightly rare, however, we decided to make a complete hydrologic study for Kharrouba Watershed which lies in the north of Jenin Governorate and it is a part of AL-Mouqatta’ Watershed. Al-Mouqatta’ as a huge wadi faces a looming water crisis, including running out of water and some kind of soil drought in summer seasons. And considering that water is one of the most precious resources on the planet, we will make our best to find a satisfactory solution to water scarcity in addition to finding an alternative source of water. Simulation of the rainfall-runoff processes of dendritic watershed systems is considered to be one of the most powerful strategies used in hydrological studies of watersheds. To do so, a computer software model using HEC-HMS will be constructed and analyzed. The hydrographs produced by the program can be used directly or in conjunction with other software (GIS for instant) for solving a broad range of problems. What distinguishes our project from other projects is that it provides a unique hydrological study of Wadi Kharrouba watershed. In this project, rainfall-runoff process of Wadi Kharrouba has been studied. As a result, surface runoff volume, peak discharge and volume of water was predicted. All of that was done with a continuous hard teamwork with a professional supervision tackled in four stages: first stage was an open discussion with our supervisor regarding project scope, second stage was tightening and specifying our scope carefully, third stage a well-defined project scope ended in watershed site exploration, visiting and data collection, fourth stage was data analysis and construction of the model which ends in determining surface runoff and other important parameters. All in all, with a known surface runoff volume we will think about how to use this considerable amount of water in a beneficial way. Shall we construct a dam? But what with its budget and feasibility? Are there appropriate mountain shoulders? Or shall we inject it down to groundwater? But what about its quality? Is there a need for a treatment of the collected water? All these questions will be addressed during the graduation project work.