Quickie Tuktuk

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Shraim, Ghadir
Abd Al-Halem, Sara
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution has led to change the whole process within manufacturers. It has led to replacing workers by Robots and machines. The advantages of such a step is not limited to increasing profit and production, companies also have spared the human losses in lives and equipment. So now, almost everything is automated. That has given us a hint about what our project idea is going to be. “Quickie Tuktuk” is a car “trolley” that replaces a worker in a warehouse. An Arduino Mega based robotic car, will carry goods “medicine boxes'', here” and then walk to warehouses on a pre-specified path using line-follower logic and then put it in its right place depending on its barcode. So, “Quickie Tuktuk” will replace the human worker in the following two steps: 1) The worker works to hold the goods and put them in their right place. 2) The process of resorting to the computer to find out the correct location. So, in this project, we are designing an automated car to hold goods, knowing what type of good it is, using “Barcode scanner technology”. Then moving it to the desired warehouse. This idea is not new worldwide. It is available but it is applied with different purposes and in different environments. For our applied system, It is new since this job is still done by humans, not robots, in the warehouse. Moreover, It is not applied here in Palestine.